Tuesday, June 19, 2012

“Vamos Ecuatorianos, esta tarda, tenemos que Ganar!!!"

Man these last few days have been incredible, jam packed and so much fun!! 
Sunday began by us interns attending Church with the Brown Family. It was such a great service! We sang some very fun songs which I greatly enjoyed! The pastor was very fun and though I tried to do my best to understand, I was very thankful for Rich translating to us so I get get the full extent of the message. It was so great! I hope that we will return to that church often this summer.  
Next came the great Soccer Game. When we heard about the game we were very excited and hopefully of going but when it actually happened it was amazing! It was also a very important game so it was packed!! It was such a crazy experience that you have to experience for yourself, but I will do my best to describe here.  We meet up with Gustavo at the mall and grabbed some foot and then walked to the stadium.  When we arrived the teams were pulling in so they had closed the doors so we had to wait outside.  Being a big group of gringos (white people) all of the vendors came directly to us first to try to sell their things.  After we had waited awhile and they still had not opened the doors, people started yelling and hollering. Finally one door opened and everyone rushed, pushing and shoving trying to get in.  So we climbed under this bar, past some police men and we were in! It was already so full, but we were still able to grab great seats.  Our section was close to behind the goal so a bit hard to see, but we were front row so it was awesome!! There was also a band in our section so it was a very fun and rowdy place to sit! Our section also had a giant flag that we would start and pass up and it covered the whole area, so very cool!! 
For the game, we painted our faces with the Ecuadorian flag and had on our Jerseys and scarves so we were very legit! I was so much fun being all together, it was such a great day,  It was filled with dancing and chants like “Vamos Ecuatorianos, esta tarda, tenemos que Ganar!!!”  So great, loveed it soo much! And we won 1-0 so that was awesome!! Great Day!!
So I am very behind on writing as my days have been so important and great!! I will continue to write about my days and post them as I get them done. Thanks for reading and know that I am enjoying my time and loving every second here!!

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